You are active in the restaurant business and want to introduce your business to a new clientele from across Europe.

CAMPER GOURMET offers the opportunity to allow campervanners to get to know you.


Be welcomed into the CAMPER GOURMET catalogue...

The only condition for this is to offer one or more pitches to the motorhome campers who have enjoyed your table so that they can spend the night free of charge on your property or on land that you manage.

For each location, you must provide the flattest possible surface (maximum elevation 4%) and a size of approximately 8mx 3m. Surface needed to accommodate the largest vehicles of 3.5 tonnes.








You have the option, if you wish, to limit this offer to certain periods of the year and / or certain days of the week.



You can offer additional services such as electrical connection or the option to fill up drinking water. This is payment free.

And since a smaller margin is better than an empty table, you can offer a discount or special attention to CAMPER GOURMET members. This little extra will be indicated in the host catalogue.

If you grant a discount on meals, the consumption of full-priced beverages is mandatory for motorhome operators.



Can you meet the location requirement?
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After receiving your information, the CAMPER GOURMET team will create your presentation capsule. Always at no cost to you!