Take advantage of the large directory of partner restaurants to find a place to eat and sleep by downloading the application



Michelin-starred restaurants, country inns, waterside inns, or even pizzerias... There are several hundred of them to welcome you for free for the night... And their number is increasing every week.


Install the application on your smartphone or tablet...

Choose the subscription that suits you best
Go to THE RESTAURANTS and take advantage of the RESTAURANTS DIRECTORY 
You can easily find a restaurant where you can spend the night for free. In return, you agree to have your evening meal at the table of the restaurant that welcomes you.

In order to take full advantage of the application, we invite you to consult the USER GUIDE.


As well as offering you a place to sleep, most partner restaurants will give you a discount on the bill for your meal or offer you a few special extras (aperitifs, coffees, desserts, after-dinner drinks, etc.). To take advantage of these offers, simply present your MEMBER CARD, which is an integral part of the application. 



The functioning of CAMPER GOURMET is based on partnership. In order to ensure that your relations with the host restaurant owners are as cordial as possible, it is imperative that you

To ensure availability, simply call or email to announce your arrival. You will certainly not be the only guest and each establishment has a limited number of pitches for motorhomes.

When you arrive, contact your hosts to find out where you can spend the night. Park your motorhome only on the pitch indicated to you.

If you are entitled to benefits as a CAMPER GOURMET member, please remember to present your MEMBER CARD when you eat. If a discount is given on the food served, you must consume paid drinks.

When you leave, please ensure that the area you have occupied is left clean. Your rubbish may only be left behind with the prior agreement of the host.

If you are entitled to additional services (water, electricity, etc.), please make sure that you pay for them. The same applies if a tourist tax is charged.